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Best Cruises for Solo Travellers


eWaterways | Top Single Cruises | Antarctica

A cruise to Antarctica will, without doubt, be an unforgettable experience. This remote continent has no permanent inhabitants but welcomes tourists for expeditions and sightseeing. The territory is owned by several different nations. The landscape of Antarctica is the highest, on average, of any other continent and the climate is the coldest, driest and windiest in the world. Some of the exotic, cold-loving animals you will find include penguins, orcas, blue whales, squid, leopard seals and many more. In Antarctica you will see amazing glacial structures that are out of this world as well as sail through beautiful blue waters. Get ready for adventure on your cruise to Antarctica.

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Bora Bora

eWaterways | Top Singles Cruises | Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a small island paradise located in the Pacific Ocean near Tahiti. Bora Bora is dependent mainly on tourism and has several resorts both cheap and expensive. The island has many options for scuba-diving and snorkeling in lagoons, coral reefs and beautiful blue waters. You may even have the chance to feed manta-rays or sharks! Bora Bora has a range of activities to meet new people while enjoying a once in a lifetime cruise. Visit the hub of French Polynesia and even sample the Vin de Tahiti which is made in the area from vines brought from France and Italy and cultivated in the South Pacific. Enjoy your stay in Bora Bora and the beautiful splendors that await you.

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eWaterways | Top Singles Cruises | Croatia

Welcome to Croatia, the crossroads of the Balkan Islands, Adriatic Sea and the Pannonian Plain. There are many different climates in Croatia including subtropical and Mediterranean. You will have the opportunity to visit the Dalmation Islands, Adriatic Coast and Kvaner Bay among many. Cycling along the coast is a unique way to see the islands as well as meet locals and spend time with fellow cruisers. Croatia has an amazing history both ancient, including some of the first humans, and recent, such as World War II and the gaining of the Croatian Independence. A "Naturist Cruise" is available to Croatia as well, where you can enjoy the beautiful blue waters as well as save packing space in your suitcase!

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US Virgin Islands

eWaterways | Top Singles Cruises | US Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands were most famous for their sugar and rum up until 1970 when tourism became the main income. What perfect things to be famous for! Your cruise will bring you to this beautiful archipelago, located 90 miles from Puerto Rico and 1000 from Miami, Florida. This paradise, located in the blue waters of the Caribbean, has activities such as diving, sailing, kayaking and sightseeing at your fingertips. The islands have a relatively consistent climate all year round, so visiting any time of year is perfect. Your cruise to the US Virgin islands will be unforgettable through relaxation and adventure on this magical island nation.

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eWaterways | Top Singles Cruises | Norway

Welcome to beautiful Scandinavia. In Norway you will get to experience amazing sites such as glaciers, fjords, historical remains and maybe even the Aurora Borealis in the winter! Visit places such as South Spitsbergen, North Spitsbergen, Ny Alesund and many more. Have the opportunity to see amazing animals including the sperm whale, basking shark, polar bear, brown bear, moose, wolves and foxes. Visit national parks, famous fjords, uninhabited villages or simply relax on your Norwegian cruise. Enjoy this country full of heritage, culture and delicious cuisine.

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eWaterways | Top Singles Cruises | Netherlands

The Netherlands are famous for their beautiful landscapes, canals, tulips, windmills and Dutch culture. Your cruise will likely start in Amsterdam, one of the most visited and one of the most populous cities in Europe. Explore cities, in addition to Amsterdam, including Voldendam, Hoorn, Enkuizen and Rotterdam. These cities will captivate you upon arrival through their Dutch charm and history. The Netherlands is a small country, but its cities are diverse enough to give any traveler a unique and once in a lifetime experience while on a cruise. The intricate art, architecture, culture and Dutch people will all add to your cruise.

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eWaterways | Top Singles Cruises | India

India is a huge land mass and home to one sixth of the world's population! This means there is a huge plethora of activities and sites to see while in India. Some things that you may see during your visit to India include the Assam Region, Brahmaputra River and Kerala. Among these areas you will come across National Parks during your cruise where you can ride elephants. Other animals you might come in contact with include the Golden Langur, Bengal Tiger and Asiatic Lion, among many. The landscapes you will come across are unending- mountains, desert and rainforest. India is a wonderful up and coming nation and is sure to be a remembered experience forever.

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Puerto Rico

eWaterways | Top Singles Cruises | Puerto Rico

This small Caribbean nation is a perfect cruise getaway. Puerto Rico has a year round tropical climate, so it is perfect to visit any time of year. While visiting Puerto Rico, you will see beautiful beaches, rainforest, volcanoes and blue waters. You will have the opportunity to scuba-dive, snorkel, sail, fish or simply relax during your cruise. There are plenty of activities to keep you busy and be sure have a drink at the tropical bars on land! If diving is not your thing, shopping, tanning and sightseeing are all fun alternatives that are available. Puerto Rico welcomes you to the Rich Port of the Caribbean!

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eWaterways | Top Singles Cruises | Mexico

Mexico is the last spot on our Top Ten Singles Cruises and a wonderful place to end. Mexico is home to a rich culture, delicious food and friendly people. Mexico has many different places to see including Cancun for beach and shopping lovers, Chichen-Itza for sightseers and Mexico City for lovers of culture and great food. Enjoy this megadiverse country with animals such as the jaguar, Gold eagle and countless reptiles. The land has an ancient culture through indigenous people such as the Maya, Aztec and Toltec. Welcome to a land that has seen travelers for centuries and will make you want to plan another visit!

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